What should medical practice owners look for when hiring a doctor?

Are you filling a vacant spot or looking to expand your medical practice? Either way, hiring a new doctor shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want a doctor who covers all your needs and more.

A new doctor has the ability to propel your practice and improve the level of patient care you provide. They can also be detrimental to your business and ruin your reputation.

The basic requirements

These are a given – does the candidate have the right qualifications and insurances, and are they approved to practice? Examine where they received their education and training, and if it matches up with their employment history.

Other basic requirements will depend on what type of doctor you’re after. For example, do you need a specialised practitioner or someone who has the potential to be involved in a leadership or partnership role? Perhaps you are you’re willing to take on a junior doctor. All these factors will set the compulsory criteria in your search.

Skill set

What skill set are you looking for?

It’s important to define this, for it may be the difference between selecting a more established doctor with greater wisdom versus a young practitioner with less life experience but who better understands the latest technologies and developments in the medical industry.

Even if you’re after a general practitioner, finding someone with a fresh skill set and specialisations can improve your patient quality of care and help your practice expand to reach new demographics and additional income streams.

Personal traits

Is the candidate relatable and engaging for patients and coworkers? The ability to build relationships and deliver quality customer service is important, especially when you’re dealing with such a diverse range of people.

Being a practitioner is no walk in the park, so you need someone who is friendly, patient, empathetic, has a can-do attitude and understands the value of a smile.

You can often understand these qualities through the interview process, whether it be face-to-face or via telephone. Particularly look at how they present themselves and how they speak, which can reveal their level of professionalism. Even their CV can be an indicator of their work ethic; for example, a poorly written document can show a lack of care or minimal attention to detail – two qualities that are imperative in a doctor.

Can they help you grow?

Your relationship with your new doctor should be mutually beneficial.

Do they have an existing patient base and/or a strong reputation that will help grow your practice? Even if they don’t yet have the connections, you want a doctor who has the ability to network and turn a once-off patient into a stream of referrals.

Also look at their flexibility, drive and desire to broaden their knowledge. Hiring someone who is set in their ways or is only willing to stick to their one job can be very restricting. Alternatively, someone with an open mind can even bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your practice.

Ensure they’re not a liability who will send your practice backwards. A candidate with a history of previous job terminations, investigations or disciplinary actions may become a burden on a practice you worked so hard to build.

Succession and legacy

Is the new doctor ambitious and goal orientated? Could you see them playing a leadership or partnership role in the future? Ideally you want a doctor who will be a long term asset for your practice. Consider your own plans and when you intend to sell or retire, and whether this new doctor could eventually take over or have a bigger role to play.

Seek Advice

Hiring a new doctor is an investment. A expert medical accountant and business adviser can help you develop the right assessment for your new candidate, understand your salary budget and ensure they’re the perfect fit for your medical practice strategy.

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– Kym Nitschke
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