The DocWealth Podcast

Insights and inspiration to help medical professionals make better financial decisions, grow wealth and live life on their terms.

The DocWealth podcast is for medical professionals who want to get financially free, grow their wealth, live life on their terms and create a legacy.

Hosted by medical wealth experts Kym Nitschke and Morgan Griffin, the podcast reveals real and practical insights that will help doctors transition from stressed, time-poor professionals to successful and wealthy in all areas of their lives. 
Learn from case studies, stories and interviews that cover key finance topics for doctors, including: 
  • Wealth strategy 
  • Tax opportunities for medical professionals 
  • Overcoming debt 
  • Investment tips and traps 
  • Growing a medical practice 
  • Designing your own work-life balance 
  • And many other frequently asked questions from doctors 
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DocWealth puts doctors on the path to financial freedom with a holistic approach that includes wealth strategy, financial planning, accounting and finance. DocWealth’s experts work exclusively with medical professionals. They understand your specific needs, opportunities and your industry. Find out more
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