How medical practices can upgrade patient experience

Improving patient experience at your medical practice can have a big impact on your bottom line, says medical wealth expert Kym Nitschke.

In a world of smartphones, apps, social networking and knowledge right at our fingertips, patient experience has never been more critical. Gone are the days where your local GP was your automatic choice for healthcare, and their diagnosis was definitive. Instead, today’s patient is far more in tune with the options available to them, and have the luxury of technology, alternative methods and online reviews to guide them through their healthcare journey.

Therefore, medical practice owners and doctors need to upgrade the patient experience in their practice or they run the risk of falling behind.

Here are three ways you can boost patient experience at your practice:

1. Create a Holistic Patient Experience

Patients are in the drivers’ seat when it comes to the change of pace in healthcare – moving from a traditional transactional experience to a holistic healthcare experience. Medical practices and doctors are expected to consider the individual and tune their services to create a more personalised experience for their patients.

One trend that emerged from the pandemic was a collaboration and a gathering of ecosystems across healthcare and health tech providers to provide closer to a 360 degree provision of services for patients. This integration of services has resulted in new solutions, better outcomes and, most importantly, an improved patient experience.

2. Join the Health Tech Revolution

Today’s world is saturated with information, and technology has allowed us to have quick access at our fingertips. Medical practices and doctors have the opportunity to utilise digital tools and services to provide the patient with relevant information and advice. These services can also assist and monitor diagnosis and treatment virtually through reminders, tracking and communication.

Patient expectations have grown and will continue to grow in access, quality and efficiency, so medical practices and doctors need to move beyond standard healthcare methods and shift their service offerings and delivery to suit. Some additional services they can include are virtual care, prescription delivery, remote monitoring, decision support, digital diagnostics, and self-service applications for education, behaviour modification, and social support.

3. Automate Repetitive Administration to Alleviate Workers’ Stress

The healthcare industry is known for its workers being overstressed and overworked, so protecting and building better systems for frontline workers has never been more needed. Utilising digital platforms that assist with repetitive administrative tasks will alleviate stress from healthcare workers, creating a better culture and work environment, which will improve the patient experience.

When simple, repetitive tasks such as eligibility checks, un-adjudicated claims and data migrations are taken care of, healthcare workers can focus on the person in front of them and provide a more personalised and better patient experience. Happier workers often result in more satisfied patients.

4. Seek Advice

At the end of the day, focussing on improving patient experience is crucial for medical practices and doctors to stay ahead of the pack. For advice about transforming your medical practice to become more patient-centric and more profitable, contact us today!

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